Friday, April 27, 2012

Meet My Grandma

If she saw this picture she would have my head on a platter but I love it.  To me it shows the fun loving side of my proud German grandmother.

Yes, that is a "Starbies" cake pop - I couldn't resist introducing the two.

Cake holds a special place in my heart.  My grandmother is an amazing cook and can bake up a mean cake.  All my life the family birthday cake has been a lemon cake with a sugar glaze.  Simple, good.  Even now, my girls and even my husband request it.  That cake pop didn't hold a candle to the cakes baked in that kitchen she is standing in but it didn't keep us from enjoying a treat.

My grandmother has lived in her current house for most of my life.  She bought it new when she downsized after raising her four kids.  A while back I wandered in to her back yard - much to my surprise I found my name and handprint still greets those that step outside.  What a treat, what a trip down memory lane.

I love my grandmother.  She is my last living grandparent, I know it's a blessing to have her.  She really does remind me every time we speak to remember every day is a gift.  Every day is a day given from God, He doesn't promise us tomorrow.  Lesson learned Grandma!  Thank you.

Oh and the polaroid style photos, another piece of my heart because of my grandmother.

Have a great weekend.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Quick Thinking

Last week was not my best.  The week prior, while away with the family on a spring break trip (more on that soon), I came down with a crazy virus that completely knocked me out.  Not much Easter/spring decorating had been done and my girl's Easter baskets were up high and out of reach.  The hubs was still out of town and I had no energy to climb a ladder and haul down a big ol' heavy box.  What to do, what to do?

Not satisfied with handing my little ladies a store bag and saying "have fun" I decided to rally.  Well, that is, rally long enough to drive to Michael's and purchase two fruit baskets.  I have a plethora of spray paint in the garage (being stored at a level that does not require climbing a ladder) so I let each girl chose a color and we went to town sprucing up their plain basket.  I also have an obnoxious amount of ribbon and once the baskets dried they dug through the mound of ribbon and picked their perfect accent.

Both baskets turned out just the way they wanted.  It took me about 30 minutes of total effort and I could hit the couch again.  The girls even got complimented when they took them to our church's egg hunt.  Lesson learned?  Some times thinking simply and making due turns out better then over planned and over done.

Before, plain baskets and waiting spray paint.

After, a basket that fits each girl.  
(Oh and the Easter wreath I dreamt of never materialized either.)