Friday, June 22, 2012

Little Things = A Swimming Pool Tour

Ok, where did the week go?  It was just June 15 wasn't it?  Wow, this summer break is going to fly by! 

Wait, I know where the week went - it was spent at multiple pools through out Sunny So Cal.  Lots of swim practice for the Minis and lots of lounging in the shade for me.  (Between driving to said pools that is.)  The other theme of the week was finishing up the year in piano.  Our piano teacher gives lessons during the school year ending with a recital and Guild auditions in June.  What a monumental feat that is, preparing to play in front of a judge.  I applaud the amount of work in practice needed to be ready for Guild but honestly, there were times I wanted to throw in the towel on behalf of the girls.  Nagging an eleven year old to practice two times a day does not a happy mamma make.  We made it however and both girls had successful auditions - phew!

In spite of the busyness I am so grateful for time with my girls.  Here is my little things list (warning, too many photos ahead), you'll notice our theme yells out loud and clear...

Piano recital, thank you to my wonderful mom for joining us, learning to dive at 
Mimi's (aka Grandma's - my mom), hang time with the girls, enjoying a cool breeze & the garden of our piano teacher's home (I LOVE her brick wall), smoothies for breakfast, a few different pools, 
G reading a good book while waiting to swim,
finally done with Guild and a walk with my Boo.
(Not necessarily in that order!)

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Have a great weekend!!


  1. Love all the swimming pictures! What fun to get to spend time with your girls. I have those gray Tom's too. :-) Nice to meet you from Hello Hue

  2. Hi Malisa! Thanks for stopping by. Thinking you have great taste in shoes!

  3. Congrats to your girls on having successful auditions! All of their hard work paid off. :)

    Stopping by from the Little Things link up!