Friday, June 15, 2012

Little Things to Smile About

Friday, awww.  Does anyone else feel it?  I'm ready for some family time and grateful the hubs is home and doesn't have duty over the weekend.

One of my daily blog reads is Lindsay over at Hello Hue.  She is a talented artist, honest writer and a Navy wife to boot!  She just moved across the ocean and over our "lower 48" and I appreciate her sincerity with how tough these moves can be.  (Girl, I feel you!!)  She is (re)starting up a linky party called "It's the Little Things".  Finding the little things in life that are a blessing, a gift from God, tucked in our week.  Such an important thing, to concentrate on the small things in our weeks that make us smile.  For me it's the little things that help me deal with the big things (that aren't always fun).

Top two, pulling out my Great Grandmother's Bible for some quiet time in the word.
Bottom two, a successful birthday party (maybe that isn't so little?) 
seeing my girls back in the water after too long.

What are your little things?

One not so little thing?  Wishing my love and all the fathers out there a happy Father's Day!  What a huge blessing it is to raise children along side a Godly man.  Thank you honey for all you do for our family, we thank God for you.

Have a wonderful weekend.



  1. I love your little things! They are so great!

  2. Wow! Love the note about your grandmother's Bible. I recently took a trip back home to visit family and stayed at my grandmother's place for 4 days to get some quiet alone time with God to start healing from some wounds I've experienced lately. She passed away a couple of years ago, and her place is empty now, but my mom and aunts and uncles keep it up. The first night there I found her Bible, and there was an awesome poem in it about faith - It was another "little thing" that meant so much more at the time.

    Thanks for sharing!