Monday, January 30, 2012

Not Always Burb Dwellers

Since Hubs is a Navy man we've had the opportunity to live a few different places.  We've mostly been on the west coast but spent one wonderful year in the DC area - so much fun, living more urban.  We also had an amazing tour spent living on the tropical island of Okinawa, Japan.  Once I was able to adjust (another story, another time) our time away from "the States" was a huge blessing.  Our family had the opportunity to explore another culture, we made incredible life-long friends and my children were able to live in a very relaxed family environment.  The base we lived on had a crazy amount of children and just outside our gate there were parks, the ocean, amazing food and a Starbucks for when I got home sick.  God most certainly planted us there and I will be eternally grateful for our years spent living so far from home.  

Morning coffee in a favorite Okinawa village.

Okinawa handblown glass, beautiful. 

Nail art with my "peeps" while entertaining my mom visiting from the states.

Taking Grandpa to Pineapple World, a fun tourist destination. 

Local produce, the Okinawans are known for their good health and long lives.

Enjoying a breathtaking Okinawan beach.

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