Friday, January 20, 2012

Try this again?

I tried this, once upon a time.  I tried blogging.  It didn't last long.  Not sure if I had a direction in my mind - still not sure if I have a direction in my mind.  This I do know, I love blogs.  I love reading blogs, every day I look forward to checking in on my favorite bloggers.  The honest ones, those are the blogs I love.  Their honesty in regards to their lives, their loves, their loss, their faith - they touch me.  They make me a better person, does that sound crazy?  They make me a better wife, mother, friend.  They make me a better Christian.  I am grateful.

Along with honesty I enjoy a good tip, a good recipe, a good tutorial.  I also love a good laugh.

Where will this take me?  Only time will tell.  For now all I know is I am here, in the blog world once again, heaven help us all!

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