Thursday, March 15, 2012

Beauty and Love

A few years ago my little family of 4 traveled across Washington, Idaho and Montana.  Our final destination was Glacier National Park, amazing.  Have you been?  The natural eye candy absolutely blew me away.

Hiking through God's country.

Taking it all in.

 Mountain Goat enjoying his lunch, never mind this crazy tourist and her camera.

Among all this spectacular God given beauty I found something else that took my breath away, something that too is a gift from God.

Love.  Dedication.  Support.  

As we were playing in the (rather chilly) water this couple waded by.  The shore line was rocky, footing for even an agile 8 year old was unstable but here was this elderly couple working together to reach their destination.  I had no choice but to turn my camera on them and snap away.  

With my cousin's fianc√© still in critical care my mind has turned to the devotion and dedication of love and commitment.  It seems this world is too quick to jump ship when times get tough.  

My cousin, Bryan, however has not left his love's side.  He has posted on Facebook that no matter what comes with this injury his love will not change, his devotion is to the woman he chose.  I am proud to call him family.  Times will be tough - she faces significant challenges, most we are not even aware of at this time.  My prayer for this young couple, after my prayer for healing, is that God will sustain and protect their commitment.  May they walk the rocky shore holding on to one another, finding support in their joint effort.

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  1. 30 years from now that will be us holding hands navigating the rocky shore soaking in the beauty that's around us.
    Your Biggest Fan,