Thursday, March 22, 2012

Out and About

One of the things I love most about living in Sunny Southern CA is the cute little beach towns that dot the coast.  Each one has their own personality.  Some are lavish and wealthy, some are organic with a hippy vive and some are just chill - a surfer's paradise.  It only takes minutes to travel from one extreme to another making a day trip up or down the coast a total blast.  One of my favorite spots on the Southern CA coast line is La Jolla.  (Really though, I love them all.)  A couple of weeks ago I spent the day cruising the streets with my step mom and her sister.  We had great food and lots of sun.

Enjoying the view.

There is one draw back to walking near the water, La Jolla has a lot of natural beauty and some times that natural beauty has a horrible smell.  

That's not snow - if you catch my drift.

Up on the hill from the water are streets lined with shops and restaurants.  You can find high end stores to peruse or spend some time in the Gap.  There is something for everyone.

Cute dog area outside one of the bakeries.
Wonder if I could get the hubs to make something similar in blue for our dog?!

What is your favorite day trip town?  I highly recommend slipping away and enjoying your spot, even if only for a quick cup of coffee and a cupcake.  It does a body (and mind) good.

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