Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Being a Good Sport

In life I find it easier (much) to talk about being a good sport then actually putting it in to practice.  I think this is a natural, human issue.  We all desire our hard work and effort to pay off with a big win.  One problem with that... there can only be so many winners.  Second, third, fourth and even last place have to be filled by someone.  Sometimes that someone is us.

At church I help lead a group of kids that just built and raced pine wood derby cars in a five church competition.  Each kid, no matter what their game face said, wanted their master piece to come in first.  Some of our kids placed within the top three in their category, most did not.  I encouraged each kid to congratulate the other, to cheer loudly for their friends, even if they were beat by them.  They are a great group of kids and they all did just that, they encouraged and clapped.  I could tell though, it was a somewhat bitter pill to swallow.

 Does anyone else have this problem?

Even if I understand the news I'm given it's hard to swallow if it's not the news I pre-designed in my head.  (Could I be any more elusive?!)

Times they are a changin' in this household.  (Not to worry, the family structure is not what this post is referring to.)  This is when we put our words of faith in to action - when we hit our knees and truly put our faith in God.  This is when we will need to clap loudly for those holding the trophy and trust that God has our prize, He just is holding it until we are ready.

He is carving us, much like our kids carved their cars.

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